FAVIA 225 confirms Gordon Schwontkowski as a guest speaker

Gordon Schwontkowski of Cary, IL is balloning’s driving force behind crew safety and flight safety education. His flying background spans 35 years as a commercial crew chief, author/columnist, seminar instructor, and consultant. The FAA and US Department of Labor have endorsed his safety writing which includes the “Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials” book, segments of “The Balloon Flying Handbook,” the crew safety card, and dozens of magazine/newsletter articles. His work has helped define insurance industry policy regarding crew, and your crew likely has insurance coverage due to his efforts. In 2017 he created the highly dynamic FAA WINGS program module “Terra-Nautical Decision Making” and revised the Balloon Federation of America’s Crew Achievement Award Program’s guidelines as well. His strategic work safeguarding flying’s future has included helping resolve some of ballooning’s largest mishaps and claims. He constantly works quietly to develop new materials to make flying safer and more fun for everyone but still loves to just go out and fly or crew.

“Even the FAA has admitted a pilot can’t do safety alone. Skilled and savvy crew are a necessity in today’s flying environment,” says Gordon. Balloonists nationwide agree with his message, consistently ranking him as one ballooning’s most informative and engaging seminar/convention speakers over the past 20 years.