FAVIA 225 confirms LARRY KONASH  as a guest speaker


Larry Konash started his aviation career at aged 12.  He was known to have “flown” hot air balloons made from plastic dry cleaner bags he “borrowed” from his mother’s dresses.  A little tape, cotton and lighter fluid was all he needed to start “flying” the smoke balloons around the neighborhood.

Years later at aged 21 he received his fixed wing pilot certificate and the rest is history.  He rented airplanes for the first few years until he purchased his first of many flying machines.  He and his Piper Cherokee flew all over the United States with his trips west into the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, and Jackson Hole.   At about the same time Larry broadened his flying experiences with hot air balloons.  At the time, living in Texas, he could be found flying every weekend.

Air America was born out of his desire to continue at a corporate level with ballooning.  Corporate contracts, advertising balloons, sale of new Aerostar balloons, design and construction of cold air balloons, and passenger rides kept Larry and family busy all year.  In addition to the corporate side of ballooning, Larry has served many events across America as Balloonmeister.  His on-going organizing and managing of Aviation activities has taken him across the ocean to England, France, Sweden as well as China and Thailand.

In 2012 Larry took over as President of IMC Balloon Insurance.  Since that time he has broadened its product offerings, brought on a new underwriting company, expanded coverages and territories, and supported the balloon community with many innovations.  He is a regular speaker at Continuing Education Conferences across the country.

Today, Larry has logged over 3400 hours in the air.  Air America owns and operates four hot air balloons and a number of cold air advertising balloons.  Any weekend you will find Larry in the air somewhere around the world sharing the joy of flight with his many thousands of passengers flown since 1971.