FAVIA 225 confirms Petr Kubicek as a guest speaker

Petr Kubicek, Czech Republic

Petr Kubicek, son of Ales Kubicek – owner and founder of Kubicek Balloons –  is an aeronautic engineer with more 15 years of experience of design of hot air balloons. For more than 10 years he acted as a head of technical office of Kubicek Balloons. During this era he led design and test team and he was responsible for company research and development.

Nowadays (after Ales’ sudden end of active business era) he is responsible for whole Kubicek family business which beside hot air balloon production consists production of the balloon fabric, inflatables  and ultralight aircrafts. He is also a balloon pilot, instructor and examiner with flying experience from many international events such Albuquerque balloon Fiesta, World and European championships, Château-d’Œx and many many more.