FAVIA 225 confirms Troy Bradley  as a guest speaker

Photo: Hélène Viens

Pilot Background        

Private pilot certificate at 16 years old
Commercial pilot certificate at 18 years old
Removal of “with airborne heater” at 20 years old
6,985 hours PIC (291 days aloft)

General Flying

Owns and operates Star Trail, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Part 141 school Assistant Chief Instructor
Albuquerque Chief Pilot for Rainbow Ryders
Flown commercial contracts for Century 21, Labatt’s Beer, Sears, Swatch Watch,  Maxwell House, PSA Airlines, United New Mexico Bank, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Comet Cleaners, Fox Photo, Disney/Pixar, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), and RE/Max. Flown in 45 states, 5 continents, 16 countries, across the Atlantic and Pacific Made 5,141 free flights (5,084 hot air and 57 gas) Logged flight time in 224 different balloons, Flown 28,497 passengers (Flying up to 500,000 cubic foot ride balloons), Made the 1st anhydrous ammonia balloon flight in New Mexico 3/1/92, Built two gas balloons and one hot air balloon

Competitive Flying

Participated as a competitive pilot in:
14 New Mexico State Championships, winning in 1985, 1992, 2001 and 2003
12 US Hot Air Nationals
2 North American Championships, finishing 4th overall in 1990
2 US Hot Air Balloon Team Nationals, wining with Sid Cutter and Mark Sullivan in 1995

Gas Balloons:

9 America’s Challenge Races, wining in 1998 with my wife, Tami
7 Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett Races
The 1994 World Gas Championships
The 1996 St. Louis National Gas Balloon Race, winning with Shane Robinson
The 1999 RE/MAX Balloon Cup

World Record              CLASS     SUB-CLASS         TYPE                   RECORD                    DATE

Flying Experience         Rozier    AM8-15                 Distance                3,318.23 miles                    9/16-22/92

Rozier    AM8-15                 Duration                114 Hr.  16 min                   9/16-22/92

Rozier    AM8-15                 Altitude                 17,998.6 feet                        9/16-22/92

Rozier    AM1                       Distance                197.38 miles                        2/3/94

Rozier    AM1                       Duration                10 hr.  1 min                        2/3/94

Rozier    AM1 – 7                 Altitude                 18,143 feet                             6/15/94

Rozier    AM1 – 6                Distance                353.33 miles                        10/20-22/99

Rozier    AM1 – 6                Duration                27 hr.  25 min                      10/20-22/99

Gas         AA 3 – 5                Distance                1,225.23 miles                     1/3-5/02

Hot Air   AX9                        Distance                1,017.19 miles                     1/20/03

Rozier    AM3 – 6                Distance                824 miles                              11/14-16/07

Rozier    AM3 – 6                Duration                41 hr. 23 min                       11/14-16/07

Gas         AA13 – 15            Distance                6,655.9 miles                         1/24-31/15

Gas         AA13 – 15            Duration                160 hr. 34 min                      1/24-31/15

First person to set world records in the AA, AM, and AX categories
First USA to Africa balloon flight
Broke the oldest standing aviation record in 2002 (previous record set in 1922)
495 hours aloft in World record breaking flights and attempts
Lifetime member of the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), past president, current NAA Representative, and on the Gas Division Board (served 3 years as Chairman)
Lifetime member of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA)
Immediate Past President of the Anderson-Aburzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation
Served as Head of Delegation for the US Team at the 2015 World Air Games (the Olympics of Aviation) in Dubai
Currently serving on 3 committees for the FAI Ballooning Commission – Chairman of Records Subcommittee, Member of AA Working Group, Expert Advisor to the Hall of Fame Committee
Sixty-four (64) Federation of Aeronautique International (FAI) World Record


Balloon Federation of America’s Shields-Trauger Award (1993 and 2015)
The FAI’s De la Vaulx Medal for an Absolute World Record
Governor of New Mexico’s Certificate of Recognition
The Lighter-Than-Air Society Achievement Award (1993 and 2015)
Sid Cutter Award for Outstanding Contribution to Ballooning
National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Certificate of Honor
Balloon Federation of America Level 8 Distinguished Aeronaut

The only three time recipient of the FAI’s Montgolfier Diploma (the highest award in ballooning) 2003 Hot Air Balloons, 2007 Rozier Balloons, 2015 Gas Balloons

Executive Order from the Albuquerque Mayor that February 1, 2015 is “Two Eagles Day”
NM Governor Proclamation that February 16, 2015 is “Two Eagles Day”
NAA Harmon Trophy
2015 Nominee and Finalist for the Robert J. Collier Trophy
2016 Inductee into the United States Ballooning Hall of Fame
2016 Inductee into the FAI Ballooning Commission Hall of Fame
Made presentations at many Safety Seminars on Aeronautical Decision Making, FARs, Accidents, Preflight Planning, Flight Operations, Flight Reviews, Gas Ballooning, and Record Setting Flights.
Record shattering gas balloon flight across the Pacific from Saga, Japan to off the coast of La Poza Grande, Mexico.  Braking the long standing distance and duration records for straight gas Balloons, with Leonid Tiukhtyaev.  We flew for nearly seven days and had a great circle distance of 6,656 miles, increasing the distance record by 28% and the duration record by 17%.
The 1992 Chrysler Transatlantic Challenge; achieving the first USA to Africa balloon flight and setting an absolute duration record of 6 days for balloons.  An absolutely amazing flight!
Giving Walter Cronkite a lesson at Château de Balleroy in 1993.
In 1995, dropping skydiver (Bob Martin) from 32,000 feet, then I ascended to 34,000 feet.
The 1998 America’s Challenge.  Landing in the Canadian wilderness and being rescued by helicopter.
The 2001 Gordon Bennett.  Crossing the Alps from Germany to Italy with Earl Miller.
2003 Flying out of the Stratobowl at night on the AX9 distance record (the only successful record flight from the Stratobowl since Stephens and Anderson’s flight in 1935)
Cluster flight of Disney/Pixar’s movie UP.  Flying over 4,000 feet MSL sitting on a carbon fiber LaZ-Boy chair with 70 helium balloons.  The next flight For National Geographic took the concept further!  Jonathan Trappe and I flew a 1,600 lb. house with 300 8’ balloons to 10,500 feet MSL.
Spending 10 months fly over the unique rock formations, stunning valleys, and ancient cliff dwellings of Cappadocia, Turkey.
Crossing the equator by balloon at Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) monument in Ecuador.
Flying over, Colorado’s ionic mountain, Pikes Peak.
My son Bobby’s solo.  On June 4, 2011, at age 9, he became the youngest trained pilot to solo in a hot air balloon.  My daughter Savannah being issued her Student Pilot Certificate and soloing on her 14th birthday.  On both occasions I became the proudest flight instructor in history!