FAVIA 225 confirms Pat Cannon as a guest speaker

Pat Cannon live in Lewisville Texas with wife Carol. He as being flying as a pilot for 50 years. Ratings and Certificates: ATP- Single and Multi-Engine.

  • Land with Jet Type Ratings,  Commercial- Airplane Single Engine Sea, Rotorcraft, Balloon
  • Certified Flight Instructor: Airplanes Single and Multi-Engine, Instrument, Helicopter, Balloon
  • Test Pilot for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for 44 years
  • FAA FAAST Team Lead Representative since 1974
  • BFA Government Relations Liaison
  • BFA Call to Action Committee – Lockhart
  • Over 22000 flying hours with over 1200 hot air balloon hours
  • First place in over 33 major competitions
  • Two time winner of U.S. Nationals (1995 and 2006)
  • Three time winner of Senior U.S. Nationals (2005, 2006, 2013)
  • 17 top10 finishes at the U.S. Nationals