FAAST Wings Credit

If you are a FAAST Wings participant you have more opportunities to receive credits based on the sessions you attend during the FAVIA 225/2018 BFA Convention

The FAA WINGS program promotes air safety and encourages pilots to continue their training with the goal of increasing safety and reducing accidents. Many of the FAVIA 225 Continuing Education Seminar sessions qualify for WINGS credit.  To get credit for qualifying sessions, you need to register for each session individually at the following link:


Be sure to click on all 16 links. Registering for WINGS qualifying sessions does not commit you to attending them. You can still choose any session you wish to attend. The FAAST representative will apply credit for attendance after FAVIA 225 ends by reviewing the scan records for each of these sessions. If you have questions about the WINGS program, FAAST representatives Emelia Bernava, Mark MacSkimming, and Eric Sieracki will be in attendance at FAVIA 225.