Attendee Guidelines

Attendee Guidelines PDF Version

After several years of preparation, the FAVIA 225/2018 BFA Convention is almost here! This letter outlines important details and information to help you maximize your FAVIA 225 experience. FAVIA 225 has brought together an exceptional group of ballooning’s top innovators, record-setters, adventurers, and educators for this unique event. The two-day Continuing Education Seminar scheduled for Friday and Saturday is chock-full of educational and historical sessions. To satisfy the BFA sanction/insurance discount requirement, attendees must participate for both days of the seminar.

Required Tiers

The Seminar will follow the BFA’s three-tier seminar guidelines. The tier system was started in 2013 by the BFA to help unify continuing education seminars. All subjects in Tier I must be included in the seminar. Tier II contains six topics, two of which need to be covered in the seminar. Tier III contains many suggested topics, of which seminar organizers can choose two that are of value to seminar attendees. Lunch and breaks do not count toward the required time for accreditation. More information about the tier system and topics can be found on the BFA website,

When you arrive at the Hilton and check in with FAVIA 225, you will receive a color-coded schedule in your pilot/crew pack to help guide you through the tier process. Presentation rooms will have color-coded signs with the presentation name, presenter name, room information, and tier level. To qualify for an insurance discount, you will be required to attend three tier 1 sessions, two tier 2 sessions, and a minimum of two tier 3 sessions. We encourage you to take full advantage of this Continuing Education Seminar and attend more sessions than what is required.


A system to document your attendance has been established by the FAVIA 225 committee. The identification card you will receive upon check-in will include a QR code. Prior to each seminar session volunteers will be at the doors with scanning devices. Your ID card will be scanned to verify your attendance at each session. If you attend two consecutive sessions in the same room you will need to exit the room, get scanned for the second session, then re-enter for the next presentation. Scanning will start 10 minutes before each session through the first 10 minutes of the session. After that time, volunteers will not be available to scan your ID card for credit.


Two additional events scheduled for Friday and Saturday may be of interest to you. Book signings will be available both days featuring some of our favorite authors. There will also be a table with DPE services and information. This may be a good time for student pilots to obtain a student license. A valid government photo ID (e.g., passport, U.S. military identification, or U.S. driver’s license) will be needed to do so. It will expedite the process if applicants start the IACRA application on line before arrival. DPE’s will be available to answers questions about oral and flight evaluations.